LED-UV Printing Association Announces First Bootcamp Co-Located with Print UV - Printing Impressions

Barry Walsh, moderator of the LED-UV Bootcamp, said, “This is a great opportunity for printers new to LED-UV to meet the leading authority on printing with LED-UV — Allen Jenkins —and to start a conversation with Allen that can continue into the... Additionally, these printers will enter the Print UV Conference armed with a good foundation of knowledge to have higher level networking conversations with the many LED-UV oriented vendors and printers attending Print UV. ”. Attendance at the. How is LED UV different from traditional UV. What inks are required for LED-UV printing. After working with dozens of companies that have successfully implemented LED-UV, I’m confident that this is a good starter list of topics for the printer investigating LED-UV. Do I need to make my press “UV Ready” to run LED-UV.

Source: www.piworld.com