Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Large Format Inkjet Printer with Original Box_Ink_Manual

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Large Format Printer
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Epson Stylus Pro
Stylus Pro 3880 Designer Edition
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USB 2.0
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Product description

You are bidding on a used Epson Stylus Pro 3880 large format printer, which was purchased March 2015.  It is sold as-is. (Details on condition are listed below.)

Overall, I think it is in very good shape, though I have noted any issues in the condition section.  It is too large for my space and I ended up not needing to print the largest sizes that it offers, so it just doesn't make financial sense to keep it.

I hope I have thoroughly covered the details below, but if you have any questions before bidding, please let me know! 

See the printer in action!
What's especially cool about the printer
  • It makes huge prints, up to 17"x22".  I had fun making 16x20 prints from my photography hobby and hanging them up around my house in cheap frames we found at IKEA.  
  • The printer will ship in its original box (there is a rectangle cut out of the corner from submitting the UPC code for a rebate offer)
  • Power cord
  • Spiral-bound user manual
  • Some insert that I forget the name of, probably used for the paper feed (shown in clear plastic sleeve)
  • Partially-used inks (they are marked with the date 10.2016, which is apparently their "best before" date). Please see the end of the video for a test print showing approximate ink levels at the time of this listing. 
Condition / Other things I'd want to know as a prospective buyer
  • The most notable issue is that the printer occasionally has extraneous drops of ink show up on prints.  I contacted Epson Tech support for help with this and was told it was likely because of the thickness of the media I was using and/or a slight curl to the thick paper that was making it catch.  The support person suggested I widen the "platen gap" settings via software when using thicker non-Epson paper, which seemed to help. It is possible you may experience the same thing, so I want to make sure you are aware of it.  A photo is included to show a sample. The blue spot on the sleeve is the ink drop, which I digitally encircled in magenta to help make it obvious.
  • There is a small chip in the paint to the left of the power button. This is shown in photographs.
  • The maintenance cartridge is due to be replaced, though the printer still prints. Also, as noted above, the ink cartridges are now past their "best by" date (I didn't know there was such a thing for ink, which shows you why I do not need/deserve a behemoth printer) and are varying levels of low.
  • I've kept the printer stored in its box for several months, but it looks a little dusty in the back area where paper is loaded.
  • I don't know where the CD is for the software, if it even came with one.  My Mac doesn't have a CD-Rom drive, so I most likely downloaded the relevant software or drivers from the Epson website.
  • I will ship the printer via USPS Priority Mail within 1 day of your order and will require a signature upon delivery.  Again, it ships in its original box. 

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* Seller assumes all responsibility for listing above.