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Product description

SignWarehouse 19" R Series Vinyl Cutter with VE LXi Apprentice Vinyl Software

Get Up and Going Quickly with this Package!

(Save over $900 off the retail value)

Auction Contains:

1 - Vinyl Express 19" R-Series Vinyl Cutter (Retail value $199.00)

R31 Vinyl Cutter Specifications

Motor Type
Stepper Motor
1000 DPI
Max Cutting Width
15.75" (400mm)
Max Feed Width
19.68" (500mm)
Max Pressure (Downforce)
10-500 grams
Pinch Rollers
Included Software
Vinyl Experss LXi Apprentice (Windows)
Max cutting Speed
24 inches per second
Warranty Duration
1 Year
LCD Display
Serial, USB (USB connection is accomplished through serial conversion.)

Windows 7,8 and 10; 32-bit and 64-bit compatible. LXi Cloud is fully compatible with Windows 8. Windows XP is not supported and may or may not be fully compatible.

NOTE: The R-Series vinyl cutter is NOT Apple/Mac compatible and does NOT have a registration mark sensor for contour cutting after digital printing. Please consider SIGNWarehouse's Q-Series or Graphtec cutters for this ability.

What a machine! Powerful 500 grams of downforce so you can tackle a variety of jobs. Fast 24 inches-per-second cutting speed. Superior build quality offers tension-adjustable pinch rollers and a smooth-feeding media supply system. Best of all, the R-Series vinyl cutter value line is a Vinyl Express® cutter, arguably one of the most prestigious vinyl cutter lines in the world.

If it says Vinyl Express®, you can be sure your vinyl cutter purchase will offer more value than any other brand in its class. You get value such as technical support and a knowledgeable staff for pre and post sales questions. In fact the whole SignWarehouse company is standing behind you.

1 - FlexiSIGN / Vinyl Express LXi Apprentice Software (Not a Trial Version) (Retail value $495.00)

LXi Software System Requirements:

PC with 2.0 GHz Processor or better
Video RAM:
128 mb Video Card or better
System RAM:
Hard Disc Space:
4GB or Higher
USB 2.0 Ports (2 or more) and Serial COM Ports
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7/8/10, 32 bit/64 bit

Vinyl Express LXi Apprentice is one of the most-popular brands of sign-making software in the world and sells for hundreds. LXi Apprentice is a complete text layout software that utilizes both Windows TrueType and Adobe Type 1 fonts. LXi Apprentice allows you to do simultaneous cutting and text designing of your signs. This is a cost-effective software solution for vinyl cutters just starting out that can grow with your needs.

Don't be locked into a dead end software package with no upgrade path or a basic craft/hobby software. You can upgrade LXi Apprentice to the Expert, Master or Master Plus versions. Some reasons to use LXi Apprentice include:

  • Design Central is your sign layout partner
  • Customize the interface to suit your work habits
  • Built-in spell check saves costly mistakes
  • Edit on-screen any effect applied to an object
  • Superior text and layout features
  • From the makers of FlexiSIGN software & FlexiSIGN compatible

Note: If you need the ability to scan images and then cut them out, you will need to purchase the auction that includes the Vinyl Express LXi Expert software.

Note: LXi Software is CLOUD BASED, no hardware hasp/dongle key is provided. Includes software manual in ELECTRONIC (not paper) format. You will need high speed internet for the initial software download and activation.

Supply Package (Retail value $149.00)

Get your sign business started right away! Your supply package includes:

  • 5 - 24" x 60" Rolls of EnduraGLOSS Vinyl

    Quality is EnduraGLOSS vinyl! Here are the points that make it so popular for vinyl cutters: 6 years outdoor durability, 32 colors, easy to cut & weed, outstanding quality & economy, permanent acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive, thermal printable (not suitable for inkjet printers), great for flat surfaces & simple curves. The supply package comes with 5 - 24 inch by 60 inch rolls. Colors our choice and may vary from picture shown.

  • 2 - 6" x 120" Rolls of Premask

    Looking for quality premask? Here it is! Premask is what helps you easily apply vinyl cutter letters onto the substrate.This premask has features such as low-to-medium tack and easy panel alignment of vinyl during installation, Clear, easy-unwind, no-strech film that resists curling. Designed not to build up or yellow over time. The supply package comes with 2 - 6 inch by 120 inch rolls.

  • 5 - License Plate Blanks

    These 0.55 gauge plastic plate blanks accept vinyl letters cut from a vinyl cutter very well. They are Corona treated on both sides, which means the plastic is treated with a very high electric charge. This charge pits the surface of the plastic ever so slightly so that it is much more receptive to vinyl adhesive and to screen printing ink. The supply package comes with 5 license blanks. Colors our choice and may vary from pictures shown.

  • 3 - 12" x 18" Sign Blanks

    Endura Cor-plastic corrugated plastic sign blanks with 4mm downward flutes are great for indoor and outdoor signage. Use them for political campaigns or point of purchase signs. It's easy to apply your vinyl letters cut on a vinyl cutter, graphics designs or screen print directly. The supply package comes with 3 - 12 inches by 18 inch blanks. Colors our choice and may vary from the picture shown.

  • Cutter Blades, Squeegee and Clip Art

    Add clip art designs to your signs for that creative touch! The supply package comes withDesign Source with 900+ vinyl ready clip art designs and sign layouts, banner templates, and more. 4x8 sign layouts, creatures, stone templates, sign shape designs, curly Q's doodads, arrows, ribbons, flowers, veggies, fruit designs, food, pictographs, nautical, landscapes, artistic touches, hands and more. All can be cut with your vinyl cutter EPS, AI, Win/Mac. The supply package comes with 3 - 45 degree cutting blades & 1 - 4 inch squeegee.

5 - $10 Coupons (Retail value $50.00)

Everyone needs supplies to run a business and we can help. You can apply the coupon toward the purchase of all kinds of supplies. First time customers of SignWarehouse will receive 5 - $10 coupons that can be used only on SignWarehouse website at the rate of one per month. These coupons do not work with any other web site. To redeem your coupons log into SignWarehouse™ website and use the information that will be emailed to you after payment clears.

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