Interview - Philip Fracassi

One of these folks read my novel and we became friends, and it so happened she produced these movies for Disney and offered to let me have a crack at writing a draft of their next movie, which was called Spooky Buddies. I did it and they loved it and I really loved doing it so I just kept doing it. And as I mentioned, it became a semi-career from that point on. I’ve done many, many scripts as a work-for-hire (no credit), but have also sold a couple. Like most writers, I started very early, writing about monsters and aliens and killers in the night and heartbreak, at least what heartbreak was to a kid. Since I’ve always been a horror nut, and loved horror movies, I decided to try my hand at writing horror scripts. We chatted about a large range of things, including his bizarre (and cool.

Source: Smash Dragons