Five for Friday: Sophia Tobin

What inspired you to write about it. I knew that I wanted The Vanishing to be about a foundling (I’ve visited the Foundling Hospital, in London, many times), and I am interested in the complexity of the servant-master relationship. That’s my only tip: keep everything in one place – don’t spend more time organising than you do writing. Studying primary historical sources is my favourite part of the research – I loved reading Thomas De Quincey’s Confessions of an English Opium-Eater – and incredibly rich ‘everyday’ sources like the Yorkshire newspapers for the years 1814-15 were... As for organisation – I just write everything in an enormous notebook, beginning another one when that is full – I don’t tear pages out and rearrange them. As always, a lot of research took place in libraries, reading about everything from architecture to food, poetry and illness.

Source: Wonders & Marvels