Titan 3 15" vinyl cutter/plotter with ARMs contour cutting

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Titan 3
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Product description

USCutter TITAN 3 Vinyl Cutter with ARMS Contour Cutting - 28" | 68" (Upgrade to VinylMaster Letter or Pro)

USCutter is proud to present the TITAN 3 ARMS vinyl cutter series as a high quality and affordable choice for professional sign makers and do-it yourself vinyl cutting enthusiasts. The TITAN 3 cutter series with ARMS (Automatic Registration Mark Sensor) is offered in 28" and 68" models capable of a max cut length of 300 inches. With its variable speed and cutting force, the TITAN 3 is perfectly suited for cutting a variety of material including adhesive vinyl, window film, hard paperboard, sandblast stencil, paint mask material, and much more. The TITAN 3 is equipped with all the same great features as the TITAN 2, including the precision servo motors and more.
TITAN 3 - Contour Cutting with Automatic Registration Mark Sensor

* ARMS supported by VinylMaster Cut (included), Razorcut, and Dragoncut. Laser assisted contour cutting supported by most other cutting software.
The TITAN 3 comes equipped with Automatic Registration Mark Sensor (ARMS) for contour cutting (cutting prints). The ARMS system involves an optical eye which locates pre-printed registration marks which are printed around a printed graphic. The optical eye, which is mounted on the carriage, triangulates the coordinates of your printed design and cuts a path around the contour of your printed graphic. Contour cutting is an essential feature for anyone looking to cut out printed designs and can be paired easily with nearly any type of printing including solvent and dye sublimation printing.
Vacuum Hold Down

In addition to ARMS, the TITAN 3 is equipped with Vacuum Hold Down holes along the cutting strip. The Vacuum Hold Down feature provides extra grip and stability to the material being cut and is especially valuable for lightweight materials. Cutting fine detailed designs or extra-long cuts are now easier than ever with the Vacuum Hold Down system as it gives additional accuracy by preventing slippage of your material.
Not recommended for Window Tint. We recommend a Graphtec CE6000-120 with AZT Kit for window tint.

TITAN 3 vinyl cutter
Product Features
New Automatic Registration Mark Sensor (ARMS) for contour cutting function
New Vacuum Hold Down - Improved media grip
Carriage with 4 wheels
True USB – send files directly to the cutter from Adobe software and other applications that support Vector Graphics
Aluminum alloy construction, precision ABS sides
All metal moving parts
Mac & PC compatible USB and RS-232 connection
Large LCD display & control panel for adjusting speed and cutting force
Plug and Play - simple installation
Cuts adhesive vinyl, heat transfer vinyl, cardstock, paint mask stencil, laminate, sandblast mask, low & high intensive reflective material
Servo motor for quiet and accurate performance
Included Items
NEW Vinyl Cutter
Floor Stand & Material Basket with All TITAN-3 Models - (68” Titan stand is designed for use with digital media and accepts 3” cores.)
Included Software: VinylMaster Cut (PC) or Sure Cuts A Lot Pro (Mac)
Blade Holder
3 TITAN Blades, (1x60° , 1x45° & 1x30° blade)
Pen Holder (use to plot instead of cut)
Stand Assembly Tools
USB Cable
9-pin Serial Cable
2 Year Warranty
FREE Lifetime Phone Support
TITAN 3 - Quiet Servo Motors

The TITAN 3 comes equipped with the same servo motors as the TITAN 2 which are quieter and more efficient than a comparable stepper motor of the TITAN 1 which is part of what makes the TITAN 3 the highest quality professional vinyl cutter. The servo motors are faster and more accurate but require more complex drive circuitry and positional feedback. To achieve this, servo motors maintain their torque rating at high speeds because they do not operate at maximum capacity, leaving power in its reserves.
While the TITAN and TITAN 2 are both capable of contour cutting, the TITAN 3 is capable of automatically sensing registration marks via it's optical eye which speeds up production time, efficiency and accuracy. The TITAN 3 servo motors and Vacuum Hold Down makes it faster, quieter, more accurate and able to cut thicker material. In addition to the ARMS, Vacuum Hold Down and servo motors, the TITAN 3 shares the back lit LCD and illuminated buttons for easier reading with the TITAN 2.
Table TITAN 3 Quality Vinyl Cutter
Quality Construction

All TITAN vinyl cutters are constructed to withstand rigorous use and are built tough from the inside out. The illuminated LCD screen and large control panel buttons makes programming the TITAN 3 vinyl cutter a breeze. Adjustable speed and force is available by the touch of a button which makes for ease of operation. The digital readout makes for accurate and precise settings. From the aluminum alloy frame and ABS end caps to the double ball bearing blade holders, the TITAN is built to last. MAC and Windows compatible with built in USB interface, the TITAN machines are plug-n-play ready. More details...

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