A winding path is a winning design in bike path logo contest - The Daily News Online

Her work appears in the weekly publication and has won several advertising design awards at trade conferences. BATAVIA — As a professional graphic designer, Jayme Privitera of Le Roy says she likes to take on the challenge of any open competition she can. Privitera works at the Lake Country Pennysaver in Albion, and said she has been a designer for more than a decade. Her design is clear and welcoming even in black and white — a winding trail leading to “ELLICOTT TRAIL” in big letters. The city and town asked the public and designers to take their ideas for the logo, with entries to fill the need for a unified design for the planned bike path. “Anytime there’s a logo competition or an ad competition, I really go for it,” said Privitera, whose design for an Ellicott Trail logo will grace the city and town of Batavia bike path.

Source: www.thedailynewsonline.com