GDC 2017 Level Design Workshop - Gamasutra (blog)

This talk will give a glimpse into some of the design techniques that I've developed while designing on Telltale Games' narrative-focused adventure games, as well as on Ubisoft's upcoming RPG title South Park: The Fractured But Whole, presented in... It'll draw from my experience as an LD on games including 'Dishonored 2' and 'Bioshock Infinite', and the core design values of the genre known as immersive sims (as well as throwing a bit of Half Life 2 in there for good measure). It's a bit of a scattershot of topics, including inspirations from real-life rock climbing, designing for speedrunners, structuring rewards, and teaching players implicitly with level design. A Narrative Approach to Level Design details just that - approaching level design from the perspective of the story that the designer aims to tell with their level.