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Product description

WordPress Website Design
WordPress Web Design made easy!

I have over 17+ years experience with website development.  I have been able to streamline development in order to provide great seamless designs for my customers.  Customers include large companies to the small mom on pop shops, or personal websites for those in need.  

Why choose my services?
I am committed to making my customers happy.  There are no hidden costs or fees.  What is listed below will be provided.

WordPress Website Design includes:
  • WordPress Installation - Using your own web host provider.  ** Website hosting is not provided with this service **.  If you need assistance in selecting a web host provider or prefer I help set that up for you, we can discuss your options.
  • Custom WordPress design - If you have content/images that you would like to use, you can provide that to me.  Otherwise I can create a unique design that caters to your website.
  • Website page creating - Up to 5 pages are included with this service.  Some typical pages include a home page, blog page, contact page, and an about page.  Provide me with prepared content that you would like for web pages and I can do the rest.  You are not limited to only 5 pages, you will have full control of your website and will easily be able to create/update/remove your own web pages.
  • Search Engine Optimization or in other words SEO -  A site isn't much if people can't find it.  Your web pages will be highly integrated with SEO standards and practices.  So within a short amount of time your website will be ranked higher on Google or other search engine results.
  • Responsive Design - Whether you are on your desktop computer, ipad, mobile phone or other tablet, your website will load up and display properly and be fully responsive to the screen size.
  • XML Sitemaps will be added - Sitemaps are another way to help search engines index your website.  So anytime updates are made to your site, search engines will also be notified of the new changes.
  • Administration Site Security - You will be given an Admin user account to access your site to manage your website.
  • Support - I am not just going to hand this website over to you and leave you hanging.  I'll give you a walk thru on how to make updates to your site.  As well as be there for any issue or bug that is due to my design.

WordPress Website Design Does Not Include:
  • Website Hosting - If you need assistance in finding a hosting provider I can help point you in the right direction.  If you just don't want to hassle with creating this I can provide a subscription website hosting service for $150 annually.
  • Domain Name - Again, if you need assistance in how to do this I can give you some instructions.  And again, if you don't want to  deal with this I can set this up for $15 per year.

Satisfaction Guaranteed 
During the development process, if you are at all unhappy with the design you can request for your money back. 

Other Services
We can also discuss additional features/options for your website like:
  • ECommerce
  • Google Analytics
  • Additional webpages
  • Professional Stock imagery
  • Custom contact forms
  • etc...
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