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I will design your website, host your website, provide secure architecture and maintenance  manage your domain's dns, and throw in a little SEO for as little as 250.00 to start, and 25 dollars a month thereafter, on an annual basis.   I'm trying to build a portfolio, that's why you get an amazing deal.

The price below includes 1 year of hosting, and maintenance.  This amount will be refunded to you if you do not agree to the statement of work, SLA, or are unhappy with the initial product.  This initial purchase includes the initial design only and will be refunded if you do not approve of it.

Timeline:  Normal design process takes around 30-45 days with several drafts being sent to you directly.

About me: 
I've been in tech for 17 years.  I'm a chick.   I have been making websites since 1996-1997.  I've worked for web hosting companies, security firms, and have done the whole automation bit.  I'm looking to branch out my skill set in a more independent venture.  I'm based in Seattle, Washington.  I am an honest, hard working human being who loves to build websites. : )
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