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Product description

Ready Made HD Video Commercial for MOBILE WEB DESIGN...
Lead Generation Strategies Using Branded Video Commercials!

Fast, Affordable, Ready Made Videos Commercials for mobile web design. Promote Your Online Video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Your Website or Anywhere.
Branded With Your Contact Info.


--Business Name
--Business Phone Number
--Address (optional)
--Website Address URL


I will deliver your MP4 video commercial in HD (1280 x 720 px) with your company name, phone number and website address, just like in the video examples shown above. Use this commercial on your website, business campaigns, any promotions, Facebook or any social media, pay per click campaigns or anywhere you want to promote your business.


How will you brand this video for my company?
Your business name and phone number will display throughout the video and we can add your complete address and contact details at the end of the video ad.

Can I add my logo to the video?
We do not put logos on our videos because they usually interfere with the video content and distract from the message. We do brand your video with your contact details however.

Do you have other videos?
--Yes! Visit my ebay store and browse the gallery of available videos.

Our videos are so very affordable and delivered fast. A video of this quality could easily cost you $497 if created by a local production company!

--Ready within 72 hours with your contact information branded on the video...
--We will send you the download link...
--Delivered in HD format...
Once you have your own mobile web design video commercial you can start using YouTube's pay per click advertising to target local viewers who are looking for the kind of services you offer and the great news is that you can advertise on YouTube for about 3 cents per view or less. This is a huge game changer for local small service companies. Another great feature of using YouTube's (Google AdWords) pay per click advertising, which is owned by Google, is that they have a really helpful customer service department that specializes in making sure that you get started correctly. Just call them and they will get your ad on YouTube for you.

It is time for your business to discover the power of using video to promote your product and services. Laser target new customers and client.

More Reasons Why You Need YouTube and Video Marketing?
In order for your business to succeed with its online marketing objectives, it is crucial to get as much traffic and exposure as possible. The more effectively and frequently you reach your target market with you current marketing message, the more sales you stand to make.

The world is changing right before our eyes. Television is no longer the only way to get your message out to the masses. In fact, a percentage of your market doesn’t even subscribe to cable! What are they watching then?    ONLINE VIDEO!!!

-The amount of time spent watching online video is growing faster than you could imagine which means that Video Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to advertise to users online.

-By reaching users through online video you can tap into otherwise hard to reach markets while simultaneously getting ahead of your competition!

-The bottom line is Video Marketing is a great way to skyrocket your online exposure FAST and then keep the momentum long term by using viral marketing tactics.

-This kind of viral exposure can help your business in several ways….

Getting the Word Out – The great thing about YouTube Advertising is the fact that you can have a campaign up and running quickly. Whether it is current special offers you are running, events you want filled up, new inventory to show, or simply to increase sales at any time you can accomplish it quickly with Video Advertising.

Gain New Customers - Nearly 20% of certain market segments do not even subscribe to cable or watch TV but they are online watching YouTube. With advanced Video Marketing tactics and targeting you can tap into this lucrative yet hard to reach group of consumers and drive new awareness about your products and services.

Increase Market Share - Right now it’s highly likely that your competitors don’t have a clue about what is possible on YouTube.  As big businesses begin to shift their budgets to YouTube, it’s only a matter of time before your competition catches on. By jumping on this wide open opportunity you can get ahead of the game and increase your overall market share before they know what hit them!

Right now is the absolute best time to take advantage of this powerful marketing medium and leverage it to your advantage. We would love to help you do that.

So, do you own a business that's having trouble finding more people to call and use your services? You need to have a way to let more people know about your company but until now you may have not known quite how to do that. You see, in the past traditional advertising, ads in the newspaper, ads on the internet, even ads through direct mail was the most effective form of promoting a business. But today it costs too much money, and doesn't bring enough business through the doors any longer.

Video marketing is a great strategy to get more phone calls to your remodeling business, and you'll actually spend much less money than you do right now on other forms of advertising, and after a few weeks people will be talking about your home improvement business again.

We are a professional video creation and marketing agency that specializes in video creation and marketing for remodeling companies, and we would love to share more about how a custom animated commercial can help you grow your business, and increase your profits. Our commercials are professional, customized, compelling, and affordable.

To learn more about our custom videos, and how video marketing can help your remodeling company,

Call Randy Bess at: 386-246-2642 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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