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Miller: Something has changed in the Democratic caucus

The last time anyone voted "present" on a roll call for speaker was 30 years ago this coming ... one of the attempted coup leaders in a primary and defeated yet another plotter in 1992. It's been mostly smooth sailing ever since. And it's not like public ...


Crocs in the Cabinet book examines CLP’s chaotic reign in Northern Territory from 2012-16

Had the coup plotters waited until morning to dump Giles ... A colleague had a tip that Terry Mills had the numbers to roll Giles and take the top job again. Mills had neither the desire nor the numbers to launch a leadership challenge and the story ...


Stay away from conspiracy theories

All three ended up hurting the plotters. It would be very foolish for one political ... Trump, who has pledged to roll back the Obama administration’s diplomatic opening to Cuba, said the nation remains “a totalitarian island,” but he hopes that ...


Sequim veteran gets royal treatment at celebrations as Pearl Harbor survivors return for 75th anniversary - Sequim Gazette

But, he said, “I went anyway and I’m glad I went. Ask Roy Carter, a World War ll veteran and survivor of the Dec. This is not the first anniversary of the attack Carter has attended. On the plane trip from Seattle to Honolulu, first the flight attendants welcomed, congratulated and thanked him (and probably kissed him) and then, once in the air, the captain announced his name, saying there was a special person on board, one... “I was treated like a king,” said the personable Carter. He was at the 50th, 70th and now the 75th, which he said was much larger than the previous ones. An admiral who spoke at the remembrance service for the USS Oklahoma— one of the eight battleships hit during the attack — mentioned two sailors by name, congratulating them for an outstanding job during the attack.


Expret advice

Families of 9/11 victims might soon get day in court against Saudi officials - McClatchy Washington Bureau

Families of 9/11 victims might soon get day in court against Saudi officials
McClatchy Washington Bureau
One group of defendants was obvious: Osama bin Laden, Taliban chief Mullah Omar and Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the Pakistani-born head of al Qaeda propaganda and self-professed plotter of the 9/11 attacks. He would be captured March 1, 2003, and is ...

Goodbye, America. And good luck - Irish Times

Irish Times
Goodbye, America. And good luck
Irish Times
During the calamitous roll-out of the scheme we lost our insurance for a few months and experienced the stress that the system brings to tens of millions of others. My wife's antibiotic eyedrops for an infection soared from $10 with insurance to $240 ...

US Identifies ISIS Planner in Attacks on Europe - ProPublica

US Identifies ISIS Planner in Attacks on Europe
On Tuesday, the U.S. State Department announced that it had put a suspected plotter of last November's attacks in Paris on a list of specially designated global terrorists. The announcement came the day after French authorities said they had arrested ...

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GPS pushing large-format boundaries -
GPS pushing large-format boundaries
“The Mimaki then imposed restrictions on the finishing, which is where the cutter came in, and we opted for a cutter of the same width as the printer but also with roll-feed so that as well as doing rigid boards it enables us to process rolls of banner ...

2017 Guide: The Best Wide-Format Printers -
2017 Guide: The Best Wide-Format Printers
Meanwhile, the very largest models—"large format" plotters, the big, roll-fed mega-printers you may see in passing at Fedex/Kinko's and graphics shops—were the province of architects and others who needed blanket-size prints for schematics and other ...