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Signage: Metal Signage, Acrylic Signage, Wooden Signage, LED Sign, Neon Sign, Architectural Signage, Retail Signage, Rooftop Signage, Billboard, Hoardings, Way Finding Signage, Directional Signage, Way Finding Systems, Plotter-Cut Vinyl, Dimensional ...


What is Plotter Paper?

There are several types of paper used for printing vector graphics that have been captured by the plotter. They are available in different sizes and textures. One type is usually sold by the roll. The drawing from the plotter machine is completed on a drum ...


HPT1300 Plotter - Manually Setting Paper Roll Width (Plotter misreading width of roll 2)

My T100 is showing roll 2 with as 33.9 inches wide instead of an even 34 inches. (Does the plotter measure the actual width of the installed roll?) Is there a way to set the roll width to 34 inches so that I can plot my sheet size of 34 inches x 22 inces ...


Overnight from Pensacola to Panama city — Panama City, FL

Our first sail, first night sail, and first offshore. I also kept tugging on the line to roll up the jib and forced a little more. I managed to loosen things a little but and got it half in. By then it was getting dark and too dangerous to get on deck to drop the main but we needed sail up for stability. As the afternoon progressed we put both sails up fully and the wind began dropping to zero, the seas flattened and then switched to the north and started increasing. I started to roll up the jib and it jammed about 25% of the way in. Getting close to sunset, i attached my safety line to the boat and crawled up to the bow. We had nearly a half moon and clear sky so had some light,i had never rigged the mainsail to reef down yet so the choice was drop the whole thing and roll all night or leave it up and hope.

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US Identifies ISIS Planner in Attacks on Europe - ProPublica

US Identifies ISIS Planner in Attacks on Europe
On Tuesday, the U.S. State Department announced that it had put a suspected plotter of last November's attacks in Paris on a list of specially designated global terrorists. The announcement came the day after French authorities said they had arrested ...

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Wide-Format 101: One for the Cutters - What They Think

Wide-Format 101: One for the Cutters
What They Think
Not all cutters can cut complex shapes, so when shopping for a cutter/plotter, if you want to be able to contour-cut decals, bumper stickers, vehicle graphics, or other non-square shapes, make sure the machine is capable of it. Circles and ovals are ...

Roll Your Own 64GB SD Card From An EMMC Chip - Hackaday

Roll Your Own 64GB SD Card From An EMMC Chip
Soldering deadbug to tiny things requires a tiny, hand turned, worm drive plotter; made from parts of old floppy drives; with the handles geared down, for extra precision. A jig above and below for soldering and enamelled copper wire. I shake far too ...

Roll Vinyl Cutting Plotter | CG-SRIII Series | Mimaki USA

Mimaki CG-SRIII Series cutting plotters. The Mimaki CG-SRIII Series of roll-based cutters are available in three widths. These models feature continuous crop mark ...

Goodbye, America. And good luck - Irish Times

Irish Times
Goodbye, America. And good luck
Irish Times
During the calamitous roll-out of the scheme we lost our insurance for a few months and experienced the stress that the system brings to tens of millions of others. My wife's antibiotic eyedrops for an infection soared from $10 with insurance to $240 ...